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Local online search gets over billion searches every month. Reason 4 : Your potential customers have migrated away from the Yellow Pages and are now searching for you online.

Verify the accuracy of your listings on Google and other sites for free.

Your marketing and advertising budget should follow your potential customers? Lower or drop your Yellow Page costs and get in front of your potential customers online! We have proven results and a unique strategy to lower your Yellow Page costs and use this freed up advertising budget to drive even more new leads to your business online.

Call us or contact us today for a free Yellow Page analysis , and a complete marketing analysis. People will judge the quality of your business by the quality of your website! Read More. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you may be leaving money on the table.

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Social media helps your business to connect with customers You have a choice when it comes to how people view your business online. Have you been keeping up on the yellow page news over the last several years? Enough said - U. Enough said - Yellow Pages sues Seattle for new law letting people opt-out of receiving the phone book Are laws going to be passed that eventually make the Yellow Pages an option to people instead of automatically delivering them?

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Why is a meeting with us so important to your business? Split book yellow page tests randomly distribute different versions of the test advertisement in the same market at the same point in time allowing direct assessment of the customer pulling power of different sizes or types of yellow pages advertisements.

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The impact of trademarks and advertisement size on yellow page call rates. Net, Phoenix, Ariz.

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In the old days -- two years ago -- yellow page directories were heavy, dumb, cumbersome things that demanded little attention as they went about their mundane daily jobs. The phone book that ate your advertising: rise of the online yellow page behemoths. IT was the end of an era, this week, when it was announced that the Yellow Pages is no more. The image on the right shows typical online YP.

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  4. Google on the other hand limits it to three results in standard listings. Many consumers will also scroll past the ads, ignoring your listing and choosing businesses ranked in YP organically which is free. First positions are based on location to the city center, reviews and having in depth listings.

    Organic marketing is what many search engine optimization consultants perform. It involves visibility in all areas digital and attempts to drive traffic to websites through all potential customer touch points. Organic marketing is less black and white as paid advertising. Getting an equal return on all costs can be difficult to estimate as it involves much more time and ownership of business owners and agencies. Skip to Main Content. The Path of a Customer on Yellow Pages Before Internet Open the book which everyone owned Look at the section for the service you need Choose the first company listed a reason why many companies have AAA in their name Or choose a company you are familiar with advertising impressions from other channels or word of mouth Or choose a company based on size of the ad, design or content Many business owners gravitated towards yellow pages, viewing it as a one size fits all solution for advertising.

    Enter the Search Engine Era Search engines are hands down, the greatest internet invention of our time. Is Google the New Yellow Pages? Search is more transparent and in depth Businesses held their position in Yellow Pages for a year. Their Ad never went away or was lower on the page.

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    In Search, organic visibility and even paid ads can change position constantly Search shifted the power to the customer. The customer can influence others on social media and the customer can promote or negatively hurt your brand online. Think of all the ways a potential customer might find and choose to buy services from an HVAC company using the internet: First a company needs to be visible, second it needs to stand out from competition.

    These percentages are estimates only.