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Receive car history data from a top level VIN decoder which has one of the most extensive databases in the market. A vehicle history guide for any purpose.

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A different approach to the car history service might be just what you are looking for. An extensive information source that uses a range of government and public records to provide you with a clear and accessible history. Get most of the vehicle history report through a high-speed platform. VinCheckUp vehicle history reports contain wide range of data about any type of vehicle.

Basically, VIN decoder is a software to decode the car data that has been encoded at the factory. However, top VIN decoders nowadays provide much more services. From manufacturing day to the issue of salvage title or scrapping, everything that happens to the particular vehicle is being recorded in various registries and databases using the VIN number.

So, all this data can be found and conveyed via a car history report generated by quality VIN decoder. In the USA, 1 of 6 used cars listed for sale has been in an accident. Meanwhile, VIN decoder can provide detailed information almost instantly and reveal what seller might want to hide from you: clocked mileage, concealed accidents, hidden bugs, etc. Free reports often tell only basic facts which you can see in the ad.

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Meanwhile, paid vehicle history reports can provide with the full available data which might be crucial for your decision whether to buy this vehicle. There can be two answers, and both are YES!

Does the Vehicle You are Buying Have an Open Recall?

VIN checks often offer special conditions for B2B clients. On the other hand, if you are a car seller, showing a vehicle history report builds trust in potential buyers eyes. A very promising market player carVertical brings fresh ideas and new dynamics to the world of VIN decoders. Like all other major decoders, the platform provides full-scale vehicle history reports , including genuine mileage, accidents or robbery history, NMVTIS data and other crucial information from the U.

Moreover, carVertical walks an extra mile implementing the newest technologies to gather, process, and verify data.

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The company uses artificial intelligence to evaluate the quality of the data and blockchain to prevent faking the reports. Also, the platform has developed the universal car data standard for the whole industry. In comparison with four decades old Carfax, carVertical might not prevail in USA data quantity, but their provided report could be more accurate and up-to-date, especially in Europe. From our point of view, carVertical meets all the major consumer needs and is perhaps the most progressive VIN decoder at the moment.

Indeed, Carfax relies on one of the most comprehensive databases that include over 22 billion records. Not only it provides extensive data based on many sources, but it also receives data that is typically hidden — from provincial car agencies, police and fire agencies, collision repair services, car auctions and other.

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What else? Carfax draws the records about vehicles that have been manufactured after , so the reporting digs deep and covers not only cars from the U.

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Naturally, you have to pay for this. With the wealth of vehicle data now available, you can get a free report for the car you want from providers like Carfax and VinCheck. There are some ways you might be able to get a free CarFax report which we have outlined below. You may also want to sign up for a free Carfax account to access the following resources for your own vehicle or a possible future vehicle:.

Click on the links provided above to go to a Carfax page where you can enter your VIN and email address to create a free account. All it takes to run a vehicle history report at VinCheck. You should be able to get the VIN regardless of where you are shopping for a used car. Most, if not all, online used car listings give the VIN of each car they are offering. Worried about the alarming increase of flooded cars for sale?

We sift through tons of data to give you details you can use to evaluate any car:. Compare and contrast the details provided to you by the seller with what the vehicle history report provides.

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Fuel Efficiency : how far a car can travel on a specific amount of fuel. This is important information at a time like this with unstable gas price and uncertain economy. A lien on a vehicle means you have to pay the lien-holder first if you are going to buy it. Accident Records : minor and major accidents especially those covered by a police report. Some cars sustain damages so extensive they become unsafe to ride.

Make sure to buy a car with reliable and safe parts for the road. Theft Records : reports of theft and theft recoveries from NICB the federal crime bureau and industry sources. Most of these stolen vehicles are resold to unsuspecting buyers.

Free VIN Report, VIN Decoder, & VIN Check for Used Cars

A vehicle history report could point you to an active theft or recovered theft record. Flood damage has become a serious problem in the United States in recent years. In , Hurricane Harvey flooded an estimated half a million cars. In , more water-damaged cars re-enter the used car market due to round of flooding brought by hurricanes.