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Linn County Crime Stoppers. Information on the place of arrest was not included in the available data ICE released. The remaining 28 percent had been transferred in from another ICE detention facility. We can also look at how quickly they arrived at this facility after they were first detained. Again, a total of 72 percent arrived at the Linn County Jail at some point during the very first day they were detained by ICE.

There was considerable variability among detainees in the number of detention facilities they had been held in before they were finally deported or released from this facility. All detainees either entered and left this one facility, or had spent time at one additional ICE facility before their transfer to the Linn County Jail.


These figures again are based on an analysis of the most recent 12 months for which data are available. For the United States as a whole, last year the average number of ICE facilities detainees moved through was 1. Detainees at the Linn County Jail on average had stayed at somewhat fewer 1. As shown in Table 3, these reasons fall into 13 general categories -- from leaving because one is deported or removed, to leaving because one escaped or the individual died while in custody.

As mentioned earlier, while nationally the most common reason that a detainee left ICE detention was that they were deported from this country, this was not the top reason at this facility.

Linn County, Iowa

At the Linn County Jail only one individual was deported or removed during the most recent 12 month period for which data are available. ICE data did not distinguish between deportations and removals, and the terms are used interchangeably in this report. Transferred to criminal custody. The most common reason a person left ICE detention from this facility was that they were transferred to criminal custody.

A total of 21 individuals 84 percent left this facility last year because they were turned over to U.

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Marshals or to some other government agency. This typically occurs because there is an outstanding criminal case against the individual, or the individual is needed as a material witness in a criminal case.

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Bonded out. One individual was also "bonded out. Many individuals are not eligible to be released because their continued detention is considered mandatory under provisions in the immigration laws. Orders are additional mechanisms that are sometimes used to release a person while their case is pending, or awaiting removal. Under an "order of recognizance" an individual is released with reporting conditions while in deportation proceedings and awaiting a final decision. A second type of order "order of supervision" releases an individual after a final order of removal.

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Here an individual is released because ICE has not met the time limits the law imposes for deporting the individual. There was one detainee who left the Linn County Jail detention for these reasons: none with an order of recognizance, and one with an order of supervision.

Voluntary departure. Under some circumstances, detainees are allowed to take "voluntary departures" or "voluntary returns. However, unlike formal deportation where the individual is barred by law from reentering this country permanently or for a period of years, under voluntary departure and voluntary return the individual is not legally barred from reentry. One detainee left the Linn County Jail last year as voluntary departures and voluntary returns.

Escape and death.