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With over professionally recorded tracks in various genres, this library cannot be found anywhere else. Tabs included with recommended scales.

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Your idea farm for formulating new riffs and solos. Break out of your standard play and inspire your creativity to move your playing forward. Each video is limited to teaching one idea in a brief, quick-hitting format.

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While in high school, we used to make stacks of notecards. JamPlay is goin' green, saving some paper, and making these nifty little games to help you. Pitch Recognition, Fretboard Memorization and more. Over 5-Star Reviews from our beloved members. It's worth every penny. These instructors finely detail everything I want to learn Perfect for beginner to intermediate musicians. Beginner Guitar Lessons. Style and Genre Lessons.

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Learn Songs on Guitar. Guitar Master Classes.

Best Guitar Learning Software - Programs to Learn Guitar

Tapping into Creative Fingerstyle Amber Russell Fingerstyle guitarist Amber Russell has had a diverse platform of musical outlets during her almost 20 years of composing music, including piano, bass, vocalist and ukulele. Access with Membership or Purchase. The Power of the Drop-2 Voicing Horace Bray Want to get more mileage out of the chords you already know while using some fresh sounds? Secrets of Melodic Rock Irene Ketikidi Irene lays the foundation for melodic rock playing with a primer on scale tone basics, triads and melodic fills..

Sweep Picking Straten Marshall The impressive yet elusive technique of sweep picking. Crafting Fingerstyle Melodies Trevor Gordon Hall Rated one of the top 30 guitarists in the world under 30 years old by Acoustic Guitar magazine, Trevor's style ranges from driving rhythms to delicate Adventures in Fingerstyle Maneli Jamal Build your fingerstyle skillset with a thorough, patient and step-by-step course from Maneli Jamal. Electric Techniques for Creativity Gretchen Menn Suited for guitarists of all skill levels, Gretchen aims to show how techniques can unlock creative freedom and inspire new ideas.

Speaking with Slide Guitar Ariel Posen Slide guitar is perhaps the closest we can get to replicating the human voice on the guitar. Explore all recent releases or setup your JamPlay Membership to access them all. Live Guitar Courses, Daily Real time feedback and help from our teaches. Explore our live guitar lessons and real-time feedback offerings and check out our active live courses.

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Acoustic Guitar Teachers Showing 24 of View all acoustic guitar teachers. Phil Keaggy Solo Artist. Kaki King Solo Artist. Preston Reed Solo Artist. Don Ross Solo Artist. Mike Dawes Solo Artist. Dave Isaacs Educator. Mark Kroos Solo Artist. Erik Mongrain Solo Artist. Mary Flower Solo Artist.

Give Me One Reason Tracy Chapman - Guitar Lesson with Erich Andreas

Tyler Grant Solo Artist. Trace Bundy Solo Artist. Hawkeye Herman Educator.

Guitar Lessons:

Steve Eulberg Educator. Marcelo Berestovoy. Nick Amodeo Educator. Jim Deeming Educator. Orville Johnson. Eve Goldberg Educator. David Wilcox Solo Artist. Dustin Prinz Solo Artist. Mario DaSilva Educator. Jessica Baron Educator. Greg Greenway Educator. Miche Fambro Educator. Electric Guitar Teachers Showing 24 of View all electric guitar teachers. Steve Stevens Billy Idol. Bumblefoot Guns 'N Roses.

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Brent Mason Solo Artist. Lita Ford The Runaways. Tosin Abasi Animals As Leaders. Mike Mushok Staind. In order to hold the guitar at the right angle, you really need to play with a strap. I sell top quality leather straps at a price that you will not find anywhere else. I even sell guitar shoulder pads that really make playing the guitar far more comfortable.

The answer to this is definitely not. A lot of people have wanted to play the guitar their whole lives but simply have not had the chance. Maybe they have had very busy jobs or the family has taken up a lot of their time. They have waited a long time to play so they give it their all.

Don't give up on a dream just because of your age! Are they too young? The answer is absolutely not. If you look on YouTube there are some amazing young children playing the guitar but there are a couple of things to bear in mind. A A young child's hand is not very strong so their guitar needs to be set up so it is very easy for the child to play the instrument. If the strings are very high off the fretboard the child is going to have a difficult job holding down the chords. B My advice is to go to a proper music shop and get a guitar that not only fits the body of the child but is easy to play.

Over the years I have seen so many young children start but they have almost been defeated before they begin because the guitar has been bought from a chain store or a charity shop and the guitar is not really in any condition to play it.