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At the time, investigators said that he was dealing so much cocaine that Columbian drug barons had no choice but to go work with him. Harry O was the first African American to produce a Broadway play. He ran the theatre company which first scouted Denzel Washington's talent. His circles expanded to plenty of highly powerful people, including politicians.

He befriended Tom Bradley, who is the longest serving mayor in Los Angeles history. Bradley tried to take those big drug dealers off the street and turn them into businessmen instead, but he was not very successful in doing so. Him and Harris "had a plan for the black community. In , Harry O was jailed in a California state prison for 28 years after being convicted for charges of attempted murder and kidnapping.


While serving his sentence, Harris had plenty of time to think of plan so he could launch his own label. The former gangster then set his eyes on Suge Knight, who was part of the entertainment business in the late '80s as a celebrity bodyguard. He had all the connections needed with rappers to successfully launch a label. Knight was able to visit Harris in prison thanks to Kenner, so that both could discuss Godfather Entertainement.

King Of The L.A. Coke Game In ‘80s, Harry O, To Be Released From Prison

He decided to associate with Suge Knight and provided him with 1. By , Suge was arrested for pistol whipping two men in the Death Row Records offices. Edgar Solis DuHo Shelia Frazier It's Only Me Tungsten The Cheat Sheet 2d. Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood recently took a plea deal after a difficult, months-long ordeal over several charges related to alleged domestic violence against her ex-boyfriend, Andrew Glennon.

Under the terms of her probation, she will not spend time behind bars if she meets all the requirements and passes all drug tests. Vox 2d. A black man faces death for murdering a white woman. A new witness says a former cop killed her. Rodney Reed, who is scheduled to be executed later this month, has spent the past two decades on death row for a murder he says he did not commit. The new information has shed light on what many criminal justice advocates say is a case of another black man caught up in a system that was stacked against him.

Bastrop, TX Rolling Stone 3d. Who Is Rodney Reed? A campaign to release Rodney Reed, a Texas death row inmate scheduled for execution later this month, has gained traction following testimony that raises significant questions about his guilt.

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Man who injected heroin into baby's mouth and tried to kill ex dies in prison. An attempted murderer who tried to kill his ex and injected heroin into his baby daughter's mouth has died while serving his prison sentence. Roger Weir, 52, attacked the victim with a meat cleaver, and squirted the Class A drug into the baby's mouth to "get at" her. The women in 2 Chainz's family aren't to be messed with, because the rapper shared a photo of his relatives that encompassed 50 years behind bars. In May , the rapper was excited to welcome home is Aunt Punkin who was released from prison after serving 28 years.

Video of a female teacher fighting a male student has gone viral after the video seems to show the teacher engage in a fight with the male student after he pushed her back. Allegedly, the student confronted the teacher after she called him the N-word. Oklahoma injusticewatch. Judges order Oklahoma inmate, once sentenced to die, released from prison after 34 years.

SOHH 1d. The hip-hop superstars mini-me has come through with a batch of new must-like pics. Early Wednesday, Reginae Carter unloaded new slideshow shots of herself. Aaron "Bat" Young wrote a letter to the judge overseeing his case asking to spare him from 20 years in prison. Tahlequah, OK muskogeenow.

Who is Michael "Harry-O" Harris? $ Million To Start Death Row Records

Reports: Tahlequah police kill suspect in wife's killing. Eddie Ray Maxwell, 36, was killed by Tahlequah police last night after he allegedly killed his wife, Rachel, according to family members. Youngstown, OH Vindy. Youngstown man steals cars months after release from prison. Daily Mail 26d. Where did he think he was going, The Four Seasons? Floyd Mayweather had to pay for protection and ate Snickers bars to survive, according to details of his prison stay that have recently come to light.

Deathrow Record's Documentary

Mayweather was sentenced to 90 days behind bars after pleading guilty to a domestic violence charge involving his ex-girlfriend. Pomeroy, OH meigsindypress. Neace sentenced for murder and attempted murder. This is because the only purpose would be to further victimize the family of Kelli Markins. The Meigs Independent Press will not do that. Instead, the base of her statement has been summarized. Daily Mail 1d. FBI renews public plea to find death row murderer, 75, who escaped in after being allowed to go to the mall to go Christmas shopping and has not been seen since. The FBI has renewed its plea to find a death row inmate who escaped from prison in and has not been seen since.

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Lester Eubanks was at one point facing the death penalty for shooting dead year-old Mary Ellen Deneer after trying to rape her in Mansfield, Ohio, in El Paso, TX cbslocal. Tonight Justen Hall is scheduled to go to the Texas death chamber. Things are not looking up for R. The Cheat Sheet 17h. After reportedly meeting up with MTV producers in New York City during the weekend taping of the Teen Mom 2 reunion, Evans took to Instagram to announce that she had left Eason with her children and filed paperwork to start the divorce process.

The former vice president of the AEG touring company is facing a third sexual abuse charge after being indicted on Monday for a third count of first-degree sexual abuse. In the shocking court documents obtained by Rolling Stone, the defendant is being accused of sexually assaulting a sleeping co-worker in