Remote procedure call rpc locator service terminated

Note that these fixes are written specifically for Windows 10 computers, but the same general processes can be used on previous versions of Windows. If the two services are set to anything other than Automatic and Running, change them. Depending on your system permissions, you can also restart these services. Even if a particular RPC call might be operating completely internally on your computer, it still uses the network stack to communicate. If you use a third-party firewall, you may have to experiment to enable this setting.

Need to clean out your registry? Check out our article about the best registry cleaners for Windows It is running Windows Vista Ultimate A brief summary of the system specifications are as follows: 2. About once every 24 hours, the computer decides that something called "Remote Procedure Call RPC service" has shut down unexpectedly. It's solution: Reboot the computer.

[FIXED] Error The Remote Procedure Call Failed in Windows 10//8

Well this happens to be a problem, because it interrupts everything else that's going on. Now, even if that can affect vista, I don't think it's here, because the symantec removal tool for it, and it says that it isn't on the system. Any ideas how to stop this from happening? Your viao has a boatload of Sony utilities on it that use the system services.

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  • [FIXED] Error The Remote Procedure Call Failed in Windows 10//8;
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So before attributing it to windows sucks sometimes, you should confirm that your Sony suites are working as they should and haven't been modified. Also that error happens alot when you're infected by malware of a virus. Have you run a scan? I have run a scan with the latest version of AVG 8 Free edition.

How to Fix “The RPC Server is Unavailable” Error in Windows

The database is up to date, and the scan says that there are no infections or errors. There are a lot of Sony utilities installed, I know that, however they've been causing the event log to accumulate massive amounts of errors since day one, and there have been no new errors from Sony related processes since before this started, at least not that I was able to find. Although if anyone suggests disabling a certain process from Sony's software, I'll certainly try it.

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Currently I'm running another virus scan, in hopes that maybe it finds something that it didn't before. Retarded, yes, but it wouldn't be the first time, and it did update the database this morning.


Bobbye Helper on the Fringe. Are you running the Windows Server All Versions? Consider running an online virus scan also. Average response time is near hours. If you have any questions please feel free to contact:. Q: Why I can't get information from remote computers? Also, the account attempting remote access should be an administrator on the target computer.

You need to apply a special Windows Firewall policy which allows remote administration. You can use the Group Policy editor Gpedit. The step-by-step guide is provided here: "Connecting Through Windows Firewall". Q: Why I can't get information from remote computer with Windows ? Select the Management and Monitoring Tools check box, then click Details.

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You can download it from www. Q: Is Network Inventory Expert spyware? A: Network Inventory Expert is shareware, not adware or spyware! Network Inventory Expert will never send any data to us! Q: I have an error message []: The current user does not have permission to perform the action.

A: This typically results when the process trying to access the namespace does not have the required WMI privileges. The account attempting remote access should be an administrator on the target computer.