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I have always believed that, but anyone know for sure? Bob the heart-shape covering are what the Lancaster Amish and their daughter settlements wear. Glad you enjoyed it, this was a fun post to put together. I never really thought too much about the different head coverings before. That sounds like they were probably Mennonites, both by the description of the coverings and the dresses.

Amish typically wear dresses which are solid without patterns, or with very subtle patterns in the fabric. And the head coverings Amish women wear will usually cover a good portion of the head, as you can see in these examples, in some cases covering the ears at least partially. Glad you enjoyed the photos and glad you found the site! I did notice on my Holmes County trip that most Amish dress fabrics I saw in the stores had woven texture in the solid colors. How many days are they worn before being laundered? I imagine that would be dependent on activity, but I wonder what the norm is?

I belonged to an Old Order church for many years. Our coverings had gathers instead of pleats in the sides. They took a lot of care, but looked nice. The best ones were made of Indianhead linen. Ours tied under the chin. No specific time frame. It reminds me of old roman catholic head coverings that some women wear to church. This was wonderful. As a married Jewish woman, I also cover my head.

Little Known Facts About the Amish and the Mennonites

Thank you for this educational piece! Your response prompts me to ask what is known about interactions between Amish and Jewish people. I often think there may be similarities between the Amish and ultra-orthodox, in dress and attitudes toward the outside world. Both tend to be insular. Both are quite conservative in sexual mores.

Family size. Maybe more. Are there any sects that do not wear caps? I saw two beautiful women the other day, their hair was ornately coiffed, and they wore the traditional clothing, but they did not have a head covering. And the possibility that it was Mennonite girls having a rebellious moment without headcoverings, or unmarried Orthodox Jewish women. Where do they get their Kapps? Is there someone that has a home business making them? Or the women make their own or are they commercially made? Check to be notified of comments on this post.

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Men do not wear mustaches and generally wait until after marriage to grow beards. Amish women wear modest, solid-colored dresses, usually with long sleeves and a full skirt, a cape and apron. The clothing is fastened with straight pins or snaps. Hair is never cut and is worn in a bun on the back of the head, concealed by a prayer covering.

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Single women in their teens and twenties wear black prayer coverings for church services; a white covering is worn at most times by women of all ages. PA Amish women are not permitted to wear jewelry or printed fabrics. At home and in their community, the Amish in PA speak a dialect of German. This language, originally known as Pennsylvania Deutsch, has gradually become known as Pennsylvania German, or Pennsylvania Dutch.

The use of this dialect binds the PA Amish together and naturally limits interaction with the non-Amish. Amish children learn English at school and also study High German for worship services.

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The Amish taboo on electricity has become one of the public symbols of their separation from the world. Because public electric and utility lines provided a literal and mysterious connection to the outside, the use of power generated from them - and from generating plants - is forbidden. This ban has prevented secularly influences from intruding into the home and has silenced endless debates over the use of new electrical gadgets such as radios, TVs and appliances and more. While the volt power generated from public utility lines is prohibited, volt self-contained batteries are unconnected to the outside world, and therefore permitted.

In order to power tools for the cottage industry, farm equipment and some household appliances, the Amish in PA get creative, using air or hydraulic powered motors.


This pressure can be used to operate larger household equipment like washers and sewing machines, but not smaller ones such as clothes dryers, toasters, blow dryers, microwaves, TVs, and doorbells. Bottled gas is used to operate major appliances such as refrigerators, stoves and water heaters. Home freezers have been banned due to the fear that they would lead to other electric appliances.

To light their homes and shops, the PA Amish utilize pressurized gas lanterns to mount on walls, hang from ceilings and attach to mobile carts. Personal transportation When the modern car became a common fixture in American life, it also became the American symbol of freedom, independence and mobility - transforming the slower pace of horses and trolleys. In all of these ways, the motorized vehicle clashed with the traditional values of Amish culture.

Moreover, the very concept and progression of the automobile breeds pride and inequality in the eyes of the Amish in PA. Travel by horse and buggy is the prominent mode of transportation, naturally limiting travel, and therefore, interaction with the non-Amish world. This also prevents the erosion of geographically-organized local church districts, because members cannot simply drive to the congregation of their choice.

While owning a car is not permitted, being a passenger is no compromise to the beliefs of the PA Amish. Accepting rides from neighbors or hiring a driver is a way for the Amish to use cars as a means of transportation to social functions on the outskirts of the settlement, but not disrupt the Amish culture or social structure.

Amish businessmen often have agreements with non-Amish persons to haul materials as needed, or hire a non-Amish employee who provides a vehicle.

Public transportation The church permits the use of trains and buses as modes of transportation to shop, work at markets or visit far-flung settlements. These are unlike a car in that they cannot be used for personal status.

PA Amish Lifestyle | How the community of Amish in PA live today

Travel by air, however, is prohibited because it is viewed as too modern and worldly. Moreover, it should be largely unnecessary, as the Amish in PA are not engaged in professional occupations or vacations to faraway places. Youth leisure transportation The PA Amish church placed a taboo on the bicycle in order to keep youth close to home.

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However, non-motorized scooters are viewed as a compromise between walking and the bicycle, and many youth ride them to school. Despite their separation from modern culture, the Amish in PA are entangled with the larger economic system. They lean heavily on the broader world for raw materials and supplies, and they use banks.